Ortovox - Women's Tour Compression Socks - Skisokken maat 35-38, grijs/rood

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Ortovox Ski Compression Tech SocksThe Ortovox Ski Compression Tech Socks are the ideal socks for strenuous days of skiing. Whether for freeriding or a free tour with strenuous climbs: The Ortovax compression socks with finest merino wool optimally support your calf muscles and protect against muscle fatigue. The compression effect of the Ortovox Ski Compression Tech Socks is distributed equally from the ankle to the calf. This construction supports the muscles and protects against fatigue. During ascent, but also during descent, our calf muscles have to absorb numerous knocks and vibrations. The muscles are placed under continuous stress and can quickly fatigue. Balanced compression can slow this effect. The socks also excel in their fit and breathability: The ventilation system on the shin and the webbing system on the foot provide the necessary moisture wicking and improved breathability. The Ortovox Ski Compression Tech Socks have an extra ergonomic right/left fit that sits optimally on the foot. The flat body construction allows for a crease and pressure-free fit. What’s more, the ankle stabilization zones and the elastic double-stretch cuff prevent unnecessary slipping. To avoid blisters and chafing, Ortovox kept the toe seam flat. The padded heel and toe areas also improve the cushioning and protects against chafing. Merino wool means the socks are naturally moisture and odour neutralizing and feel very comfortable. The ski compression is therefore perfect for climbs and descents! FeaturesCompression socksMerino woolEqual compressionVentilation system on the shinFlat constructionDouble-stretch cuffFlat toe seamPadded heel and toe areas